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I hope Wednesday was a great for you. We made it to the Top of the Mountain...again. :)

Although the Foundation of the Website is complete, I am still tweaking & adding Content. I want to make everyone aware of the new 'Shop' page. While my Art Collection can be ordered directly from the site as Acrylic Prints, I realize that many of you may want to purchase work in Frames or on Canvas.

The 'Shop' page will introduce you to four unique Stores where my Artwork can be found. However, 'The ImageKind Shop' is the only venue where my entire Collection is available in Frames or on Canvas. The remaining three Stores feature the more Popular works in the Collection.

Also, 'The VIDA Studio' is unique. It is tailored towards Women's Fashion and Home Decor products. For example...

 Pierce | Essential Top from $95

Pierce | Essential Top
from $95

Please keep in my that Limited Edition Artworks are not available for Sale through either of these Stores. Thank you all for your patience as the website continues to evolve.

God Bless.
Eric Christopher Jackson

Website Updates.


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It has been over a week since the "Welcome" post, so I would like to share an update of the progress made.

There are two sides to my work: Art & Creative Writing. All of my Artwork has been added to the website after days of making sure the information of order of the work is correct.

Creative Writing Categories will be added beneath "Books," which will include Short Stories, Screenplay Excerpts, Thoughts, and Short Scripts. My focus will shift to making sure all of my Writing is organized and free of spelling errors. :)

Once the foundation of the website's Content is completed, the focus will shift towards keeping all of the Social Media Channels in Sync.

I do not think all of the Content will be duplicated across all Channels. I would like to think of a way to focus on one Subject or Theme and discuss it in various ways or different perspectives. It simply depends on the Platform being used.

I would like the next Blog post to focus on Art News since the Art portion of the website is ready to be presented to potential Clients & Partners. News of connections made will be shared here.

Thank you all for your patience.
Eric Christopher Jackson



My name is Eric. I simply want to welcome you. The Website is Under Construction. I will be sharing my Collection of Contemporary Art & Creative Writing.

Contemporary Art includes Portraits, Landscapes, Automobiles, and more. I describe my Style of Photographic work as 'Enhanced Reality.' It helps Viewers see how I look at the World. Others have described my Artwork as "Contemporary Fine Art."

I must admit, I am on this Journey to discover where I belong...

Creative Writing will also be added to the website. Self-published Poetry Collections, one Novella, and a Children's Picture Book will be Featured. Screenplay Excerpts, Short Stories, and 'Thoughts' are available to read, as well.

The idea is to create an Online Venue where people can read and view Visual Art as you may in a brick & mortar venue. I have completed quite a few Concepts over the years. This is a place where I can share them all.

It will be a pleasure to meet all of you as this Space begins to grow & evolve. Feel free to leave Comments & Share the Work on Social Media.


Eric Christopher Jackson