a storm is coming

Exos of Destiny | Episode 13

"I've seen enough," Warlock says as he charges up the Warp Drive to his ship, the Aries Ascendant.

His Ghost protests, "This is a dangerous path, Warlock. You don't know what will happen."

"I have to try."

"Everyone searches for power. Only a few find it."

"This isn't simply about attaining power."

"Are you sure?"

Warlock doesn't answer. The ship jumps into hyperspace, then downshifts to a halt to hover just above the atmosphere of Mars.

He climbs aboard his sparrow and jets across the desert landscape. The sky turns volatile; haze fills the air. Lightning begins to crack from cloud to cloud. Warlock ignores his nerves, determined to reach his destination. Suddenly, the entire atmosphere takes a turn for the worse. He dismounts his Sparrow to have a more cautious look around.

His comm-link springs to life...

"Where are you?" Hunter asks. "It's hard to get a lock on your location. Too much interference."

Warlock initiates his camera:

"What sector of Mars is..." Titan begins as he watches the feed.

A distinct sound breaks through the channel. Vex. As a massive bolt of lightning crashes into the ground nearby; Warlock signal goes dead.

Hunter looks to Titan on his monitor, "He's going to get himself killed. Ghost can't revive him after something like this!"

"Obviously, he's found some new power source and is willing to risk his life to get it."

"We can't defeat Oryx if we're dead!" Hunter fires back.

"We may not be able to defeat him, otherwise. We may be slaves or dead, anyway."

The comm-signal fizzles back to life. Warlock has warded off the slew of Vex as he closes in on his destination. "I think I've found it."

Hunter grimaces, "I hope you know what you're doing, bro."

"So do I," Warlock admits. Another flash of lightning. Another dead signal.

Titan hides his concern, "He's going to make it. He always does...somehow."

Hunter sits at the main console of his Quarters not knowing whether he should hit or hug his brother if he ever sees him again.

The comm-signal springs back to life. Warlock stands at the edge of steel beams. "Brothers, this is the beginning or the end. Either way, a decision must be made." He begins to walk out onto the beam as his brothers are too afraid to say a word.

Hunter sits up, "He survived."

Titan dials in new coordinates into his ship. "I need to try something crazy like that."

Hunter isn't as convinced...yet.