see the sun

Exos of Destiny | Episode 15


"Where are you going, Guardian?! Why is a replacement at your post?" Commander Zavala demands.

Titan pauses, unsure of what to say. The truth helps, "I have to leave...for a little while."

"We discussed this!" Zavala storms up and spins Titan around to face him. "I need troops to guard this Wall. The City is our number one priority! You will be reprimanded for..."

Titan steps forward, inches from his face, "I give my life for this Wall. For the people! And I can't protect them by sitting here waiting for the threat to arrive! ...Sir."


Titan takes off the badge of the Vanguard holding it out to Zavala.

Zavala turns his head away.

"I will return, Commander." Titan waits for a response. "I give you my word."

Zavala begins to walk away, "I know what you're looking for."

Titan waits for the rest.

"I can give you the save time."

Titan steps forward.

"But if you die out there, this City will be weaker for it."

"The City is already weak, Commander...which is why I'm going."

Zavala doesn't argue the point, "They're mercenaries, Guardian. Worse...they hate me. If I send you, I don't know what they'll do."


"The Sunbreakers. Titans whom deserted the Wall, the City, my command to go where they please. They stand against The Darkness, perhaps, along with everyone else."


"They learned how to control Solar Light, wielding it through a legendary hammer."

"Can this power be controlled?"

Zavala thinks it over, "It's all too easy to let it control you. Why stand on a Wall when you can control the power of the Sun?"

"I will return, Commander. With this power, our enemies will hesitate to attack the City. We can go out to face them."

"Will it work?"

"We'll make it work. We have to."

Commander Zavala gives in, "They're scattered across the Galaxy, Titan. The last known coordinates lead to Venus. IF they cooperate, they'll give you direction on what's next."

"I want to take on the challenge, Sir."

 Destiny 1 | Titan: The Sunbreakers' Challenge

Destiny 1 | Titan: The Sunbreakers' Challenge

"You don't know where this road ends. If you get stuck out're on your own. Understood?!"

Titan salutes, "Yes, Sir."

Zavala shakes his head, "I didn't know you could be as foolish as your brothers."

"...Or as brave," Titan finishes as he walks towards his ship in the Tower Hangar.

Zavala is rubbed the wrong way. He wants to go after Titan, but knows...if Titan succeeds, more like him will follow. It can turn the tide of the war in their favor.

Titan didn't know what would happen. The first stage of the challenge led to an even greater one: he's heading to Mercury. The Traveler stopped The Vex from taking over the entire Solar System, but only after they had total control of the planet.

He teleports down to the surface. His Ghost studies the area. The Vex are present, standing guard. Titan quickly disposes of them. Few, if any Guardians, venture out this far. In a word, it's hot...

"Why are you here, Guardian? You're not one of us!"

Titan whirls around, looking for the source of her voice. "Who's speaking?"

"I am Ouros."

His Ghost speaks up, "She's one of the most powerful Titans alive. The stories are legendary."

"You've made it this far. Still, are you one with the Light?"

"I am."

Ouros pauses, "We will see. Ghost...ignite the Forge."

"Yes, ma'am," Ghost answers. It is in awe.

 Destiny 1 | Titan - Location: Mercury

Destiny 1 | Titan - Location: Mercury

Titan doesn't see Ouros at all...anywhere. But he's deciding to trust her.

"You've been on the Wall for quite some time. What makes you think you can bathe in fire?" Ouros asks.

"I may be covered in the blood of innocents if I don't do something to help. Where to next?"

She is satisfied, "At last...a heart in the right place."

Titan pushes forward, happy to get out of the intense glare of the sun.

 Destiny 1 | Titan - Location: Mercury

Destiny 1 | Titan - Location: Mercury

The Forge is ignited. "The Array needs to be aligned," as Ghost leads him to the next point.

Another stone to activate. Back outside, Titan can feel the temperature rising, which is unbelievable considering his proximity to the sun. But now...he can see it: a burning flame in the midst of the courtyard.

"Be careful, Guardian," she warns. "Not even your armor can't withstand this fire. You may perish..."

"I am a Sunbreaker," telling himself more than replying to her. He reaches his hand into the burning flame hovering in the air. There it is! He pulls the Hammer from it feeling the Solar Energy engulf his entire body in flames. He waits. Am I dead?

No. He feels the heat that doesn't burn him.

Suddenly, the Vex teleport to the area sensing the imminent threat Titan has now become.

Wave after wave, Titan fires a blast of flames from the Hammer of Sol. Wave after wave, the Vex are disintegrated. At this moment, he understands why Commander Zavala didn't want Titan to leave. Who would stand on a Wall with this kind of power at their disposal?

He will.

The Vex are gone. The voice of Ouros returns, "Welcome, Guardian. Forever. Bathe in the fire!" She's gone.

Titan takes one more long stare into the sun on the horizon. He despised it before. feels like home. His ship swoops down as he teleports in.