Exos of Destiny | Episode 16


The Tower Watch is bustling with Guardians as the always anticipated Armsday has arrived. The sun pours over the mountain range lighting up the entire area. As much as people hate war, everyone seems to enjoy the feel of a new weapon in hand.

Hunter makes his way through the throng, careful not to be run over. His brothers had already been here, collecting the new weapons they ordered the week before from Gunsmith, Banshee-44. Three of them added to The Vault. At last, Hunter arrives at the table as Banshee spots him.

"Up early this morning, eh?" His metal skeleton catching every bit of sunlight.

Hunter punches in a code, "Here's my number."

"Weapon. Weapon, weapon. You ordered a weapon? Oh yea, here it is."

Hunter is tempted to face-palm.

"Two choices, Guardian. Same model. This one's better while acquisition. And..." he spins the second version of the Scout Rifle towards Hunter. "Precision kills. Explosion. Done."

Hunter grabs it out of his hands, looks down the sights. The specs began to download on his visor screen. "Better reload and handling in close proximity..."

 Destiny 1 | Tuonela SR4

Destiny 1 | Tuonela SR4

"Omolon, manufacturer. They're light-weight, anyways. The ammo isn't metal."

Hunter nods his approval.

"You gave me a hard time about paying up-front..."


"Whadaya think?" Banshee finishes.

Hunter barely notices the question as he's still in amazement over the weapon's sleek design.

Banshee-44 appreciates the approval, "Lemme know how it works out for ya."

They shake hands.

44 looks behind him, "Better get moving. Customers don't like to wait."

The next Guardian quickly takes Hunter's place as he backs away.

Hunter's screen lights up as he sees Titan on a video feed. The smaller window in the upper right corner.

"Pull the weapons from The Vault. Let us know it how goes."

"Right. Back on guard duty?"

Titan doesn't respond right away. "Commander Zavala is just looking out for the people."

"Titan, I really don't like to get mixed up in all this stuff,'re a SunBreaker, now. SunBreakers don't patrol walls. They pound enemies with hammers in the field."

"I need to regain his trust. I overstepped my position."

"I'm Vanguard, too."

"And you chose to learn under Cayde," with a stern tone.

Hunter backs off, "I want you to reach your full potential. That's it. Pretty tough to do from where you're at."

Titan thinks it over. "I have to deal with this my way, Hunter."

The signal closes.

That went well. Hunter transfers the newly acquired weapons from The Vault. "I hope they're better at picking weapons than careers."

They are, he decides as the specs of the new weapons come to life on his visor:

 Destiny 1 | Pulse Rifle: Herja-D

Destiny 1 | Pulse Rifle: Herja-D

"Hm. Doesn't pack the greatest punch, but it's decent..." The next weapon comes to the forefront:

 Destiny 1 | Sniper Rifle: Uzume RR4

Destiny 1 | Sniper Rifle: Uzume RR4

"Another Omolon. Similar build. Could come in handle. Nice range," Hunter concludes. Finally, the last:

 Destiny 1 | SUROS ARI-45

Destiny 1 | SUROS ARI-45

"Good Impact for an Auto Rifle without losing Fire Rate. Stable. Might even be better than the SUROS model we already have. ...I'll put it to the test." Hunter's mind drifts to the most pressing matter. Oryx is still out there. Someone has to take him down.

Petra Venj is in command, now, looking over the rest of the Awoken who didn't fall in the battle. She spots a familiar signal approaching on the radar. The Awoken guards confirm her suspicion. Petra turns to the landing post, "Round two?!"

Hunter brushes off the joke and pulls back his cloak to remove his helmet.

They meet each other halfway.

"I thought you would've learned your lesson by now," she smiles.

"How can you joke at a time like this?"

"I wasn't joking." She takes in the look of his face, "You're an Exo."

Hunter waves off a rush of shyness, "I thought you should know."

"Where are you going?"

"Where do you think?"

"You think you can kill him?"

"One way to find out."

"You are stronger than Warlock," as she circles him. "But not stronger than Titan."

"It takes more than brute strength to win a war," he snaps.

"True. But it doesn't hurt," as she stops in front of him.

"I can get in. My cloaking may be limited, but I can reach the depths of the DreadNaught better than anyone."


"Guardians are used to it."

She turns back to the guards, giving them a knowing glance, before she and Hunter began to stroll along the edge of the Vestian Outpost. The haze of space fills the air; the distant source of light blazes through that and the sea of debris. "Why do you have to be reckless?"


"That's how we lost so many; going into a battle without enough Intel."

"Well, someone needs to get the Intel. I'd rather one Exo, than an entire squad."

She steps in front of him, "But what about your life?"

"I stay home...we're all dead, anyway. It's better to do this on my terms." Oh, great, he's starting to sound like his brother.

"I'm afr..." she stops mid-sentence and gives Hunter a hug.

The moment seems long...and short.

"Good-bye, Hunter." She walks away.

Don't let her go. What chance do I have?! She's...and I'm... Hunter shrugs off his thoughts. Emotions. The death of us all. He teleports back to his ship.

The coordinates are set. Punch it. Already at the edge of The Reef, it's a rather short trip to the rings of Saturn. The DreadNaught hovers in the midst of the hole it's weapon carved out of the rings.

His Ghost floats near, "I'm sorry, Hunter," noticing his somber mood. "This isn't going to be easy."

He glances at Ghost, "Just makes for a better story to tell."

"If you say so. Initiating cloaking device."

His ship vanishes on the approach to the DreadNaught.