obsidian mind

Exos of Destiny | Episode 2


I know who I am, now. I had no clue before. Upon graduating from The Academy, my siblings were already ahead of me. I had a chance to rival Hunter, but Titan had already made a name for himself. In turn, I studied Hunter, watched his progress, and was determined to catch him.

But everything came so easily for Hunter. I worked harder, spent longer hours in the field carving through enemy lines. Still, my progress was slow. I struggled to stay alive in battle. My shields failed me too often. I wasn't a brawler like Titan; I wasn't a marksman like Hunter. I felt lost...until, one day, I decided to make my own path.


Once I discovered the awesome potential of the power flowing within me, I knew I had chosen the right Class. I went on the battlefield, not relying on brute strength or marksmanship, but raw power generated by the Light I possessed. It was devastating. I wanted more.

On my own, I can only generate enough Solar or Void energy to be respectable in the field. I wanted to be feared. I needed Gear that would enhance my own special abilities. One day, Xur (The Agent of the Nine) showed up...on schedule. He offered an Exotic piece of Gear called, Obsidian Mind. Made specifically for Warlocks, it's designed to enhanced the Void energy we generate.

I had accumulated just enough currency to purchase it. I haven't looked back since. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to show...

 Warlock | Exotic Helmet - Obsidian Mind

Warlock | Exotic Helmet - Obsidian Mind

It comes with seven Nodes. The more you use the Helmet on the battlefield, like any other piece of Gear, the more you unlock special enhancements. If you use a piece of Gear enough, you can unlock it's full potential! Of course, for weeks, I wore only this Helmet in battle until all seven Nodes were unlocked.

It's better than I imagined. The fourth Node is the most important. I can use generated Void energy to fire a large projectile quite a distance. It's called a Nova Bomb. Wipes out a slew of enemies, but it takes every last drop of Void energy from me. I need time to generate more to fire another. For example, say...five minutes or so.

Now..with this Helmet, the more enemies that die from my projectile, the more Void energy I receive from their inevitable demise. Instead of waiting five minutes to regenerate, especially with a large wave destroyed, I only need a minute or two of patience (if not less) before I'm ready to fire again.

Which means, I flew throughout the Galaxy tracking the largest assembly of enemies on record. One Nova Bomb powered the next...and suddenly, Hunter..then, Titan..I passed them both. It was their turn, their turn to catch me.

It's all a blur, now. It happened so fast. I guess I passed them because I stopped trying to. I simply focused on being the best I could and...I think I'm well on my way. My brothers fear my quest for power. Yet, my enemies are the ones who should be afraid.

- Warlock