dreadnaught assault

Exos of Destiny | Episode 21


This is a great plan. He can't fail, now. Otherwise, he'll be stuck on the Dreadnaught for good. No rescue team to come for him.

"What is that?" Ghost asks.

Warlock spots a light hovering in the area ahead. "It must be like the ones before. Some sort of scout to alarm Oryx of intruders." He continues to look around, "I don't have a real sense of smell, but I can tell it stinks in here. Remnants of corpses everywhere."

"Agreed," Ghost chimes in. "Keep your helmet on. Follow that light. It may lead us in the right direction."

Warlock pushes forward; no time to think about the consequences that may occur. A strange mist in the air, thick, sticky...disgusting. I wouldn't want to make my home here. Down a long corridor, Warlock runs, following the dashing orb of light. "It's gone." Warlock looks down to notice he's standing at the edge of a platform. It's a long drop into pitch black. No telling how far down this goes.

"Let me have a look around," Ghost insists as Warlock releases him. Scanning over the void, bridges begin to appear. Fragmented. Some paths stop in mid-air, not connecting to the other side. "Be careful, Warlock. They'll disappear once you deactivate my scanning sequence."

He nods. As his foot touches the bridge only highlighted by Ghost's scan reading, it becomes clearly visible to him one step after another. Warlock follows the jagged path across the expanse to the other side. Greeted by a howling noise, Ghost vanishes and his gun is extended.

"They know we're here."

"We'll give ourselves the proper introduction, then." He runs down a long corridor before the path ends and he takes a left through a crevice in the wall. "This place is turning into a maze. How do we find this weapon, Cayde-6?"

The Comm cracks to life, "Giant source of power, like all weapons. Do your thing, Ghost. Let me know when you find something."

"That's not very helpful," Ghost replies. "Alright, giant source of power. Let's see... I have something! Keep moving this way, Guardian."

He runs ahead, ducking under beams of metal while avoiding slimy grub-like creatures wiggling around. Ugh.

"Find anything, yet?!" Cayde asks.

"This isn't as easy as it may seem, Cayde. Wait! There! A source of power linked to the Dreadnaught's main weapon."

"Nice. Take it out!" Cayde insists.

"It appears to be shielded, Cayde," Ghost adds. "How do we disable it?"

"Eris says some...thing about... Uh, just shoot it."

Bullets bounce off the shield as Warlock fires, "There must be another way to get passed this shield." He hears noises in the distance. "Quickly. We may have company soon."

"I'll try," as Ghost floats towards the power source. He studies the schematics and then, "It's down."

Warlock riddles it with bullets from his auto rifle. Reload. Empties another clip. Reload. Boom! That did it.

"Cayde, the weapon is still active," Ghost says.

"Well, there must be more around there somewhere. Destroy all of them or we won't be able to send anyone after you!"

"Right," Ghost disappears from Warlock's sight. "I'm picking up another source of power."

"I'm picking up enemies on my radar," Warlock adds as he makes his way deeper into the Dreadnaught. Shots whirl passed his face. "Taken." They exchange fire. Another source of power on the horizon. "They're protecting this one." He strafes as a stream of flames is hurled at him. He fires back and tosses a grenade.

"I'd suggest taking out that Wizard, as well," Ghost says.

"Not now, Ghost," as Warlock continues to fire at the Wizard. Gone.

Ghost takes down the shield. Warlock destroys the core.

"There's a faint source of power left. By the way, radar indicates Hive on the way."

Warlock is already moving toward the final source of power for the Dreadnaught's main weapon. Another firefight. "So many." Warlock tries to retreat, but the Hive and Taken have surrounded him. His shields have reached Critical Level; in his desperation, he uses his Solar power. Warlock's body is encased in flames as he hurls orbs of fire at his enemies in rapid succession until the excess Solar power is extinguished.

"Only a few left," Ghost points out.

Warlock fires, destroying the remaining forces.

Ghost disables the shield; Warlock destroys the core.

"That did it!" Ghost exclaims. "The weapon is disabled, Cayde."

"Good. But if that Transmat Zone isn't set properly, no one else can land there. Get to it, Guardian."

Warlock shrugs off the lack of appreciation and heads towards a large opening in the side of the Dreadnaught. "We can summon my ship to pick us up here. Ghost..."

"I already have. There's a good spot for a Transmat Zone. The beacon is primed and ready, Warlock."

Warlock rushes passed Hive firing at him in the distance. He takes out the beacon and sticks it into the ground.

"There you are!" Cayde confirms. "Picking you up loud and clear. Hey Zavala, you wanna know what a Transmat Zone on the Dreadnaught looks like?!"

Commander Zavala's distinguished voice breaks through, "You landed a Guardian on the Dreadnaught without authorization?!"

Cayde's ego got him into trouble, "Oh...yeah... Can I have authorization?"

"We'll discuss this later," Zavala finishes. "Guardian, I'm picking up a Goliath tank heading to your position. It'll the destroy anything we send to this zone. Take it out!"

"My pleasure, sir," Warlock answers. He's never attacked a Goliath on his own, but this mission calls for desperate measures.

"Since the Transmat Zone is working, I've summoned some Heavy Ammo Crates for you, Warlock."

He runs into a slide as one of the tank's missiles whirl by. "I appreciate it, Ghost. Let's make a Welcome Mat for my brothers."

Cabal exit a massive ship crashed into the area. The Goliath hovers above ground, searching for Warlock's position.

Warlock loads his machine gun. "Another day in Paradise." He leaves his cover and begins firing at the tank and the Cabal.

"A group of Hive, Guardian," Ghost adds, "Behind you."

Surrounded, again. Warlock keeps moving, killing Hive and Cabal soldiers along the way while dodging missiles from the Goliath. "The tank has to be the priority, now," as he finds cover and reloads his machine gun. "Who knows how extensive Oryx's forces are."

"The wheels are the most vulnerable on this model," Ghost points out. "This is the last Heavy Ammo Crate; give it everything you've got."

Warlock empties the machine gun, reloads, and empties it again. No more ammo as the tank is almost disabled. Once more, Warlock is encased in flames of Solar energy. Orbs of fire are hurled at the Goliath and the remaining enemies. A huge explosion follows. The tank is destroyed. The area is clear. Warlock is exhausted.

"No matter the tactics, Guardian, this is a Vanguard victory," Commander Zavala interrupts. "Return to the Tower when you can." The Comm signal closes.

Warlock's ship flies through the crater-sized opening in the Dreadnaught. Warlock looks into outer space, marveling at Saturn's rings while noticing debris from the battle with the Awoken fleet. "We'll make sure you didn't die in vain."

As his ship hovers over him, Warlock teleports inside. The ship takes off into outer space and quickly kicks into hyperspeed to escape the area.

A commander of Oryx enters the Throne Room, "Master...the Dreadnaught has been breached by a Cabal Cruiser. Earth dwellers will arrive soon. These...Guardians will come to destroy you."

Oryx begins to laugh. "Hold position here."

"What of Earth?"

"Let them come. Thinning their ranks. A City with no Protectors. I will have my vengeance." He laughs all the more; his victory is certain.