Exos of Destiny | Episode 24


Previously on Exos of Destiny...
Hunter travels back to the Moon searching for remaining traces of Crota's soul. If his essence can be contained in a Shard, Guardians will be able to pass through the Portal on the Dreadnaught and hunt down Oryx, the Taken King. Now that a Shard has been recovered, the Exos learn of the next step their Mentors have devised...

"I shouldn't be surprised that you're still in here."

Warlock doesn't look up as he scans over pages in a large book.

Titan takes in the enormous library. Not an avid reader himself, but the Warlock Class has gained his respeect for amassing a wealth of knowledge. "Is there anything I need to know?"

Titan has a way of getting Warlock's attention...eventually. He looks over his brother's armor, "Where are they sending you this time?"

"The Cosmodrome. I have to get back into Rasputin's Bunker."

Warlock lowers his book, "The Warmind will be on alert, Titan. And the Taken are springing up throughout the area. It wouldn't be wise for you to go alone." Yet, he can already see the soldier emboldened. Ugh, the Titan Class.

"After we took out the Hive, the area was sealed. Omnigul was destroyed.." Titan continues.

"Does Oryx know about the Bunker?"

"That's what I'm asking you?"

Sigh. "I'm only searching for his precise location. I don't know how intelligent the brute is."

"I have to go, regardless."

"You don't know what you're walking into."

"Do we ever? You sound like Ikora."

Warlock doesn't appreciate the jab. "Surely, Cayde-6 has no problem with sending you, instead of going himself."

"You know he'd rather go. Say what you will, he's a soldier like the rest of us."

Point taken.

Titan looks at the long table in the dim light, "What is all of this?" as he eyes stacks of books.

"I have to make sure we can end this, Titan."


"Look at your armor. You're in no condition to be sent out in the field."

"I'll do well enough."

"He's wearing us down. Oryx will be a greater threat to face, even compared to the Warmind's Bunker."


"We have to be ready. Get back safe." Warlock grabs a few more books and walks away.

30 minutes later.

Titan's ship hovers over The Forgotten Shores of The Cosmodrome. "We'll go in from here."

"Done," Ghost concludes. "I've sealed up the last fractures in your armor. Titan..?"

"They'll hold."

"A new shipment of supplies is expected..."

"We need the Stealth Codes from Rasputin, now. Let's go." Titan teleports down to the surface.

"I'm not arguing with you, Titan. Merely, concerned."

Titan doesn't divert his attention as stray gunshots ricochet off of his shoulders as he runs. Even with less than stellar armor, Titan can still take more punishment than Hunter or Warlock. He summons his Sparrow, which appears from thin air, hovering in front of him. "We can be sentimental after the mission, Ghost. Keep your eye open."

"Hm. At least your sense of humor is still terrible."

Titan wants to smile.

The entrance to the Bunker is already open. Ghost opens the Comm, "Cayde, we have guests."

"Guests? That Bunker was sealed after we carted off what's her name," Cayde replies.

"Omnigul," Ghost reminds him. "Look at this."

"Oh, right. That does look bad," as Cayde-6 takes in all the inter-dimensional portals created by the Taken. "Well, if you see 'em.. Aahhh. Shoot 'em." The Comm signal dies.

"These portals are interfering with the signal," Ghost concludes.

Titan views the HUD inside his helmet sifting through a choice of weapons. "Suggestions?"

Ghost is surprised he asks. "You're going to need a lot of bullets." Ghost takes the liberty to pull a weapon to the forefront.

 Destiny 1 | Exotic Auto Rifle: Zhalo Supercell

Destiny 1 | Exotic Auto Rifle: Zhalo Supercell

"The Arc Damage will help. Taken arrive in clusters. The electricity will chain between them, hampering their ability to multiply," Ghost finishes.

Titan is impressed, "Good call." With a single thought, the Zhalo Supercell appears in Titan's hand. He's always enjoyed watching the electricity glide wildly across its barrel.

"I see that you're satisfied. Rasputin's making it difficult for me to access his database remotely. You'll need to get me to the Main Console," Ghost adds.

Titan is already in a full sprint as if knowing that would be the case already. A shower of electrical pulses fly across the room as Taken appear out of nowhere. "These are the guests you mentioned?"

"They are. And they seem to know what we came for, which is quite disheartening. Oryx may be a few steps ahead of us, after all," Ghost surmises.

Titan pushes forward, watching the electricity chain from Taken to Taken. The area is clear. "That was easier than I thought."

"No. We have to go deeper into the Bunker's interior this time. It's a bit of a maze down here."

Ghost was right as Titan finds himself in an entirely different area much larger than he thought would exist. "Rasputin is hooked into all of this?"

"He is one of the most advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence created before The Fall," Ghost says. "He still has some fight left in him."

"Obviously," as Titan looks around at all the machinery at full power.

"Of course, the Taken can bypass any exterior security measures. However, I doubt they know how to access the database."

He fights off another wave of Taken, "How come they haven't destroyed the place?"

"Even Taken are not that mindless. Oryx may bide his time while figuring out how to control Rasputin."

Titan nods while being knocked back by a dark orb. Another appears. "They have tracking.." he concludes. He fires at the orb as it dodges his shots, moving ever closer. "Cabal couldn't do this before." Back on his feet.

"Yes, Oryx has not only enhanced their strength, but given them a few new abilities, as well."

Reload. Fire. The dark orb explodes in his face. He hits the ground. Fires, again. Gone. Another area is clear. "Where is the Console?"

"This way."

A blip shows up on the Radar of Titan's HUD. He follows a ridiculously long hallway separated by automatic doors. "I don't like this."


"When you have to travel this deep into a facility to get to one room, it's usually not a good thing."


"Typically, it's to hide something. And all of the codes for these doors have been shut down, so we can walk right in."

"Correct. Not good," Ghost agrees.

Titan is edgy. He takes out a machine gun, "I'll pick this one."

 Destiny 1 | Machine Gun: Baron's Ambition

Destiny 1 | Machine Gun: Baron's Ambition

"It looks to be infused with..possibly, Hive technology," Ghost says.

"I like it, too."

"Titan, the Main Console is on a platform on the other side of this door."

He nods as the door splits into four sections and swings opens. After only a few steps in, two Taken Cabal Captains emerge surrounded by Snipers and minions. The platform is covered. Titan fires while running for cover with little to be found. Already pinned.

Taken minions quickly surround his position. Weapon change. Streams of electrical pulses to the left, then the right. Beams of plasma fly by the container he hides behind. He takes a glance around a corner and tosses a grenade. The explosion only rattles them for a few seconds. Shielded.

The room is circular; Titan makes his way around the perimeter. At such a distance away, the Zhalo Supercell loses its effectiveness. Back to the machine gun. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.. That's more like it, yet, the heavier weapon slows him down as minions approach more easily. No time to Reload.

A Taken leaps in for the kill only to meet Titan's fist. Back to the Supercell, yet, Titan finds himself brawling, one punch after the next.

"Snipers!" Ghost warns.

Titan dives out of the way as four Taken Snipers have come down from the platform to engage him at close range. His shields take a beating as he tries to find more cover. Then, a Cabal Captain knocks Titan backwards with a swipe of its massive arm. Another impact as a dark orb detonates. He's thrown across the room by the explosion.

His HUD flashes red. Shields, Critical. His Radar picks up two Snipers closing in fast. Desperation. His body is encased in flames as he summons the Hammer of Sol. Leaping up into the air, Titan launches flaming hammers throughout the room.

Fire consumes the Snipers, the Cabal Captain, the minions...his Solar energy is used up. Another shot catches him in the shoulder. Titan hits the ground as his HUD dies. Out of power. One Taken Cabal Captain remains on the platform. Titan can barely move. Switching to the machine gun, again. Yes, he forgot he didn't have time to Reload it.

The Taken Captain stomps forward. Titan didn't know he'd die like this. His arm freezes as he tries to complete reloading the machine gun. Suddenly, Ghost appears, hovering over him. A beam of light shoots into Titan chest. Ghost drops to the ground.

The Taken Captain leaps across the room falling towards Titan. The machine gun is Reloaded. He doesn't hear the shots. He only watches the Captain lose his momentum from the barrage of bullets. Titan rolls out of the way as the Taken Captain crashes to the ground and vanishes.

The area is clear.

Titan crawls across the floor to pick up Ghost. A faint light fluctuates. Reversing the surge of power, Titan tries to re-energize it. "Come on, Ghost. You can't quit, now!"

Fluctuations increase to blinking light, "Is that sentiment? The mission isn't over," Ghost replies.

"Your sarcasm is still intact."

"The Console. Hurry."

Titan's legs are stiff. He removes his leg armor to conserve power. "Which one?" as he eyes an entire wall of monitors and consoles. Another blip as his HUD Radar flickers. He releases Ghost into the server.

"Well, that was easy."


"I have the Codes. The ship is on its way. Looking at your energy levels..."

"I know." Titan's exterior armor vanishes. He'll be vulnerable on the walk back, but at least he should make it there.


"Not yet," Ghost interrupts.

"Remind me never to tick you off," Titan concludes.

"It's never worked before." Ghost powers down.

The four sections of the door separate as Titan begins the long walk back. "Thank you, Ghost."