Exos of Destiny | Episode 4


"What happened?"

Warlock is silent as he looks at Hunter's hologram hovering over the desk in his study. His silence only agitates Hunter more.

"You were there. The Tower's Log says you were there. So, what happened?"

Warlock begins to hang his Exotic Chest Armor back into place.

"You kept it, didn't you? You couldn't give it up!"

Warlock hears the slam of Hunter's hand on his own console. He doesn't look back. "It's one of the best pieces of Gear a Warlock can own..."

"Don't give me that. He gave you his best when you had nothing!"

"I never asked him to! I didn't ask for his generosity! I wanted to prove myself to everyone on my own!"

"But you didn't turn down the ship did you? What you had was decent, but it wasn't great. Titan gave you the best ship he had. We both gave you what we could, but he went overboard."

Warlock paused, and then, "He has a better ship now."

"That's not the point, Warlock! This is about Gear. We all agreed to help each other get the materials needed to have the strongest armor possible."

Warlock walks to the small device, tempted to turn off the hologram.

"Titan needs his Armamentarium at full strength. You sell that armor in exchange for the Shard he needs."

"Do you know how valuable this armor is? How hard it was to get? And now, I'm supposed to sell it for a Shard I can buy every few days?! I would never ask such a thing of you!"

"We're running outta Coins, Warlock. If you don't want to sell your armor to get the Shard, you need to round up some more Currency to buy one. Now."


Hunter shakes his head, "Titan may let you get away with stuff like this...but I won't."

The hologram dissipates.

Warlock slams his hand on the desk, grabs his gear and heads out the door.


Warlock is cleared for take-off as he prepares his ship to leave. A few more buttons and a hologram of Hunter appears.

Hunter's arms are folded as he leans back in his chair.

"I tried to offer Titan the Motes of Light. All thirty of them."

Hunter shakes his head, "And?"

Warlock shakes his head, "The Speaker has some nice finds right now. I figured...he collects Marks...surely he could choose something valuable for himself."

Hunter sits up in his chair, "Titan just bought the last two Marks he wanted to wear on his list. We all like to wear stuff. If you were paying attention, you'd know that."

Warlock feels the mixture of Void & Arc energy surging through his body, ready to explode. He needs to get to the battlefield quickly to take his frustration out.

"What is this piece of Exotic Gear you're hanging on to, again?"

Warlock is dumbfounded, " The Voidfang Vestments. You've never heard of it?!"

"Vaguely. I usually only study what I use or what I have to kill."

Warlock shudders.

"Come on, let me see it."

Warlock hits a button and turns a dial:

 Destiny 1 | Warlock - Voidfang Vestments

Destiny 1 | Warlock - Voidfang Vestments

Hunter leans forward, "Whoa..."

"Now, you see. This is one of the reasons why we don't speak as often as you'd like."

"Where did you get it?"

"Hunter, we only share weapons. Our armor is our own."

"Hm. There's a nice way to put it."

An idea strikes Warlock; he opens access to The Vault and begins drawing out Currency.

"What are you doing?"

"Here," Warlock chimes in, "take 25 Motes of Light. Buy...whatever it is you buy, Hunter. I'm sure The Speaker has something nice in your size."

"I don't need another cloak, Warlock. I just paid a hefty price to Veriks for the one I'm wearing!"

"True...but you're the only one of us who does not have a Legendary trinket from The Speaker, himself."

Hunter shifts in his seat, "I don't need it."

"We don't always have to buy what we need, brother."

Hunter turns away from his screen.

"I'm here. I must go."

"You're not outside of The Reef, are you? That place is crawling with...everybody."

"I'm happy you're so concerned."

Hunter waves him off.

"Here. The Currency is yours."


"Go to The Tower, brother, see The Speaker, get...something." Warlock closes the link.

Hunter whirls around in his chair. "He has to get the last word." He jumps up, looking around his Quarters, "...It won't hurt to have a look." He heads out the door.


Hunter walks around The Tower, watching other Guardians run by. "Pretty busy for this time of day." He brings Titan on screen. "How are you doing? Wait. Where are you?!"

"Home, or what's home for now," Titan answers.

"You didn't even expect Warlock to sell his Gear did you?"


"Aren't you worried about him?"

"I was concerned. But...the Light chose Warlock like the rest of us. He'll find his way if he strays too far."

Hunter shakes his head, "And I'm the idiot for worrying..."

"You're at The Tower?"

"Yeah. Who needs rest?"

"You have the Motes, then?"

Hunter hesitates, "Uhh...supposed to be a gift."

"Even I have two special Marks from The Speaker, Hunter. You should have one."

"Titan, we can't just buy more at the candy store."

"Which is why we fight & search and fight some more, brother. We always get them back soon enough. We'll do it again."

Hunter is moved, "I'll pay you guys back..."

"No, not necessary..."

"Come on. There has to be something you want!"

Titan hesitates.

"On-screen," Hunter insists.

 Destiny 1 | Give/Take Equation

Destiny 1 | Give/Take Equation

Hunter's head drops, "Titan...this, this better not be a fusion rifle."

Titan is silent.

"Titan, we have two fusion rifles sitting in The Vault practically collecting dust!"

Titan is silent.

Hunter sighs, "What is it with you & Vanguard weapons, anyway? Having a Vanguard symbol on it doesn't make it any better!"

"We joined the Vanguard in the beginning. The symbol means something. And when our enemies see this symbol as I'm crushing their skulls in my hands they will is us."

"...Yeah. Okay. You know, Titan, sometimes, you're just...a little..."

Titan is silent.

"Nevermind. Look...we can't put our Currency together to get weapons like this. And it's expensive. One of us will have to purchase it on our own."

"We could compete. See who gets enough Vanguard Marks, first."

"We share weapons, Titan. It's not like we can all go out into the field at the same time!"

Titan hesitates, "I know. Honestly, it's a long-term goal. But it was more polite to answer your question..."

"Yeah, I got it."

"It's no rush. They will die by our hands, either way."

"I can't argue with that."

"I must go. Send 'greetings' to The Speaker for me."

"He usually asks about you, regardless. Take care, bro."

Titan salutes. The screen fades.

Hunter shakes his head, then spots the entrance that leads to The Speaker.


Just another day in the universe. I'm still worried about Warlock. I came down on him kinda hard...but he deserved it. Besides, I'm actually writing in this stupid journal for his "collection of knowledge."

Hmm...let's see. I saw The Speaker tonight. Never fails. The guy creeps me out. How can he see...anything?

 Destiny 1 | Speaker

Destiny 1 | Speaker

I've never seen him without his mask. Is he hiding something? Weird questions. It's just...he never tells us anything. Not about The Traveler. Who The Darkness is or where it originated from. Nothing. We just go out, fight, and scout for these factions fighting for power over the city. I need to know more.

Of course, my questions were forgotten when I saw something shiny lying on his table full of cloaks:

 Destiny 1 | Hunter - Strength of the Pack

Destiny 1 | Hunter - Strength of the Pack

Talk about symbols, this is the symbol for Hunters like me. Where did The Speaker get it from? Gold...some type of fine linen, light, durable...I've never seen material like it. I get to work in this?! No wonder Warlock collects so many 'things.' Still, for me...enemies die just the same.

- Hunter