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Exos of Destiny | Episode 5


Hunter rushes to his Quarters, a rush of energy through his Exo skeleton. Titan and Warlock appear on the large screen above his console.

"Don't you shut down?" Titan asks.

"It is rather late...or should I say early," Warlock adds.

"I just came back from The Tower," Hunter begins.

"And?" Warlock insists.

"It's ours," Hunter beams.

Titan glances at Warlock from his own screen in his Quarters.

Warlock knows the tone in Hunter's voice means: "You've added, yet, another weapon to our collection."

"I have," Hunter confirms.

"Hunter, not that I'm not appreciative of your efforts in expanding our arsenal. However, The Vault is half full of weapons we don't use."

Hunter sits back in his chair and folds his arms.

Warlock hesitates for a moment. "I'm simply saying, we're low on Currency. If anything, purchasing armor should be our priority."

"What is it?" Titan asks.

"Does it matter?" Warlock aims at Titan.

"Yes, it does," Titan answers. "Hunter has a knack for tracking down weapons. Besides, Xur should be at The Tower by now." Towards Hunter, "I take it he had something good."

"Finally, a little optimism from someone," Hunter nods. "Take a look at this."

 Destiny 1 | Gjallarhorn

Destiny 1 | Gjallarhorn

Titan stands up, "The Gjallarhorn..."

Thoughts rush through Warlock's mind before he adds, "Where...how did you find this?"

 Destiny 1 | Hunter w/ Xur: Agent of the Nine

Destiny 1 | Hunter w/ Xur: Agent of the Nine

"Titan was right. Xur is at The Tower, right on schedule."

"And he just sold it to you?" Warlock asks.

"To me...to everyone who can afford it! Yep! 17 Strange Coins, Warlock, since I know that's your next question," Hunter continues.

"We only had 13 Coins in The Vault," Warlock adds.

"He obviously found more," Titan chimes in. "When do we get our turn at using it, Hunter?"

"Well..." Hunter hesitates.

"You want something else?" Warlock asks.

"Yeah, I do. Look at what else he has." Hunter continues.

 Destiny 1 | Hunter Exotic - Achlyophage Symbiote

Destiny 1 | Hunter Exotic - Achlyophage Symbiote

"Don't you have enough Helmets?" Warlock asks.

"This from an Exo with a collection of Bonds to match his uniforms," Hunter kicks back.

Warlock turns away, not able to defend himself on the point.

"Look, Warlock...Hunter will get it back. Right? You have a little less than two days, Hunter. Do what you do. Just...faster. We can't have any slip ups, now."

"I'm starting to think we're not related to Warlock," Hunter smirks.

"That's a ridiculous statement," Warlock answers.

"Then, why give me such a hard time, huh? You're upset because you didn't find it first or what?"

Warlock paces his Quarters.

Titan and Hunter begin to realize this isn't about Currency.

Titan begins, "The Vanguard is trusting us, Warlock, to share any information we have."

"You Warlocks drive me crazy. You know that? You're not helping anybody with all these secrets! We win this war together. Understand?" Hunter concludes.

Warlock stops in his tracks knowing the validity of their statements. "There are new waves of Guardians being sent from The Tower."

Hunter shrugs. Titan waits for the rest.

"There is something terrible coming. A greater threat than anything we've ever faced."

Hunter puts aside a condescending remark and rolls the thought over in his head. "The Tower hasn't called any of us on new missions. I haven't heard anything about a bigger threat."

"Who's sending these Guardians?" Titan asks.

"The Speaker, himself. Hand-picked. The best of the best. And yet...the threat remains. I can feel it."

"Well...if that's true, we're gonna need this Gjallarhorn and more," Hunter concludes.

"More," Warlock confirms. "The weapons we have now may not be powerful enough to win this fight. We have the Gjallarhorn, yes, at last. But...perhaps, even Xur knows it won't improve our odds against what's coming."

Hunter slams his fist on his console as he connects the dots.

"So, he makes money off of us with weapons that won't have much value anymore," Titan adds.

"Precisely," Warlock confirms. "And as the findings of Strange Coins grows more rare, it will be tougher to buy what we actually will need in the near future."

Titan and Warlock hear Hunter tossing over things in his Quarters as he mumbles his disdain.

"I'm sorry," Warlock continues. "I...I don't know what to do. Xur may very well change the Currency he accepts...or disappear, never to return again."

Titan stands up, "We're going to get all the weapons & gear we can from Xur, while we can. We're going to need all the help we can get."

"Yeah, but against what?! What are we up against? Where are these chosen Guardians going?!" Hunter asks.

"I don't have the exact coordinates, Hunter. However, Eris Morn has known all along..."

"I don't trust Eris..." Hunter interrupts.

"Did she give you any clues? We need something specific," Titan adds.

Warlock sits at his console, punching buttons and a smaller screen comes to life. "Don't share this with anyone."
Titan rubs his chin, "We have to notify The Vanguard."

"They're already notified, Titan. When were they gonna let us know?!" Hunter asks.

Warlock leans back in his seat, "Hunter, Titan, we are going to have to stockpile all the material and weapons we need. Only what we need! The best your class has to offer."

Hunter nods.

"Warlock, we need you to find out how Oryx can weld such a power. I've never seen anything quite like it. Perhaps, it's similar to what we use," Titan adds.

"Titan," Hunter interjects, "you're going to have to talk to The Speaker. See what he knows; have a look around his place."

Titan is caught off guard, "I don't feel right doing that. It's..."

"Which is why you must," Warlock concludes. "The Speaker has known you longer than Hunter or myself. And he greatly admires your loyalty to The Vanguard. He will more likely confide in you unlike anyone else."

Titan shakes his head.

"I am not walking into this blind. If they told us anything, we wouldn't have to snoop around," Hunter explains. "How did you get Eris Morn to give you this information, Warlock?"

"Hm. Actually...I extracted this feed from her personal log."

"Warlock, I'm impressed! Her logs are encrypted," Hunter says.

"Well, I did learn a thing or two from you after all," Warlock ends.

"Be careful you two. It's not only The Vanguard watching us. At least three other Factions want control of The Tower, control of us. And who knows what Eris Morn wants. All we've done so far is avenge her fallen companions and now look where it's gotten us," Titan explains.

"You mean, revenge," Hunter corrects.

"Lay low for a while," Titan continues. "Stay off communications. If Warlock can hack into Eris Morn's log, who knows who can do the same to us."

They both nod.

Titan continues, "When we meet back, Hunter, you have to have the Currency replenished..."

"I'm on it," Hunter confirms.

"Warlock, see if you can find out how these chosen Guardians are fighting this new threat. Upgraded gear, weapons, abilities, anything," Titan adds.

"I have another log from Eris, but it's encryption is beyond what I've seen before. It's taken me longer than usual to decipher it," Warlock explains.

"Stay on it. I'll have a look around The Tower. There's always chatter. Maybe some of it is legit," Titan concludes.

"Be careful," Warlock adds. "Those who hold secrets will protect them at all costs."

A silence hangs in the air. The three brothers, Titan, Warlock, and Hunter salute each other. With a nod, their screens go dark, all knowing they are about to face even more of the unknown.

Hunter holds the Gjallarhorn, studying its unique design he's only heard of before. "Now, let's see if all the hype is true." He grabs his gear and heads out the door.