Speak | Poetry Collection, No.2


Poetry Collection, No.2


Over the years, I have been hesitant, afraid, and ashamed to say what has been on my heart. Often times, the words end up on paper and stay confined in a notebook buried in a drawer. no longer. Today, I speak clearly, without fear of reproach, isolation, or confrontation. My role is simply to give the message.

“Speak” is my second collection of writing. It features poetry, including “Skin” and “My Last Prayer” and short stories like “Just a Fan” and “The Judge.” Short scripts (Too Cold for Meowing), essays (A History of Blood), and personal stories like “Escaping Pornography” are also included.

My goal in this book is to be more transparent as an individual in order to help and inspire others. Most of the work was written between 2012 and 2013. It gives the reader a clearer view of who I am today along with the message I want to share.

– Eric Christopher Jackson



Sandy Brook Elementary School

Can you see them?
The look of terror in their eyes
Knowing they’re about to die
Not able to run if they tried

Can you hear them?
Screaming as shots ring out
Crying as blood pours out
Death…there is no doubt

Can you tell them?
Why this was allowed
Licenses to show them how
Evil is given a right to live
As they are sentenced to die

December 26, 2012